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Warranty Term?

Mystylesutra (or ‘Company’) provides an exclusive warranty on all the products manufactured and sold by them through their website www.mystylesutra.com for a period of 2(Two) year (‘warranty period’) from the date of the sale against manufacturing defects.

What does warranty cover?

Warranty is applicable only against manufacturing defects such as:

  • De-coloration of Frame & Sunglasses
  • Patches formation On Lenses. If you happen to encounter any of the above issues, you will be eligible for a replacement within 2 years.

(Please Note: Scratches on the lenses is not considered a manufacturing defect, rather a problem that arises from handling the glasses. Hence, we cannot cover scratches under our warranty)  



This warranty will automatically terminate on the expiry of the warranty period.

  • This warranty is valid only when purchased through www.mystylesutra.com
  • This warranty will be invalidated if damage results from accidents, mishandling, scratches on the lenses, negligence, tampering and loss of components or accessories.
  • This warranty does not cover corrosion and rust, broken parts which may occur due to varying personal characteristics/usage by an individual.
  • The eye wear will be replaced at the company’s option and the decision of the company on the nature of the defects and applicability of the warranty will be final.
  • Mystylesutra will in no event be liable or obligated for the payments/refund of any special incidental or consequential damage.


Mystylesutra (or ‘Company’) also has a Cash on Delivery option which allows you to pay for your order with cash at the time of delivery. Mystylesutra offers a Cash on Delivery option for all orders between Rs.100 and Rs.10,000 for most delivery addresses. To place an order and pay for it using Cash on Delivery (COD), please select the ‘Cash On Delivery’ option on the payment page.