Mystylesutra Warranty & Return Policy

We take a lot of pride in our sunglasses, from manufacturing to shipping, we try to deliver the best we can. We also don’t reduce our manufacturing costs and bring you the best quality. We only sell you what we can wear and hence if you find a problem in your MSS sunglasses, we will make it right as quickly, cheaply and painlessly possible.


  • Because we are confident about our Sunglasses, we do not shy away from giving a 1 YEAR WARRANTY !! 
  • We cover your sunglasses against De-coloration of Frame & Lens and patch formation On Lenses. If you happen to encounter any of the above issues please mail us at
  • Your Sunglasses may get patch formation if they are unused and kept on a shelf for months without the case. In case you are not using your MSS Sunglasses for any reason, we urge you to keep them safe within the case.
  • Patch formation that happens due to settlement of dust on the lens and frame will not be covered in the warranty!
  • For more on warranty please go through our Disclaimer / Terms & Conditions page on the website.


  • All Orders will be delivered between 2-4 working days depending upon the location. For Delhi/NCR customers who want early deliveries , please get in touch with us at and drop in your phone number.
  • All Shipping is Free of Cost except express shipping – Same Day Delivery – For Delhi / NCR customers. For enquiries please get in touch at 

Exchange and Refund Policy (w.e.f. 1st April 2022)

  • In case you are not satisfied with your MSS sunglasses, you can return them to us and exchange them within 15 days in an unused, resealable condition. Please drop us a mail on and we will let you know the process. No questions asked.
  • For refunds the amount will be transferred to your bank account within 15 days of returning the product. Our team will get in touch with you to take the banking details.
  • All Pickups/ Drops during the entire exchange/refund processes will be taken care by us.  Please pack the sunglasses in the original cardboard box to avoid any in-transit damage.
  • In case the sunglasses reach us in a damaged condition, for example with scratches, broken parts etc then the return will not be accepted. The final decision on disputed returns shall lie with the management. 
  • We use the services of all leading couriers for all reverse pickups. In case of an exchange we will send you your new Sunglasses at no additional cost. The entire process is cost free !
  • In case you ship us, damaged, scratched or broken sunglasses, we will be returning them back to you and shall not be processing refunds or exchange.
  • For international orders, we’ll refund your order if you cover the return shipping cost within the same 15-day window. Unfortunately, we can’t offer return shipping at this point of time. We shall be processing the payment through Western Union on that day’s currency conversion rate.
  • If you were GIFTED your MSS Sunglasses and would like to exchange them, please write us a mail explaining which pair you would like in return, your e-mail and return address. The person who gifted your Sunglasses to you will never know, we promise.